Who We Are

The original, original
imagery producer

Packshot.com was the first independent studios to streamline
the product photography process for the advertising industry.

Over thirty years later, we’re now the largest
original imagery producer in Europe.

Stills and videos. Above-the-line and below-the-line.
For advertising, marketing, design, PR, editorial
and direct to major brands and OEMs.

a word is worth
a thousand pictures

The word is “confidentiality”.

We take hundreds of thousands of pictures every year. Many of them protected by confidentiality agreements, or embargoed.
So we can’t show you some of the most
exciting imagery we produce.

But many of the world’s largest and most famous brands trust us
to produce the images they need. As well as trusting us
to keep quiet about it.

We keep our word. We keep your business.

Give it your best shot

If a shot’s worth taking, it’s worth taking the best. Which means using the best people, equipment and facilities to take it.

We have over 300 creatives in 22 studios in 7 countries
– including the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and India.

In The Netherlands and UK we have the largest studio spaces of their kind in their respective countries. In the UK alone we have over 71,000sq. ft. of studio space – including a purpose-built, high-security infinity cove ideal for car shoots.

And big enough for bus shoots, as we’ve proved.

If you can imagine it,
we can image it

Any image, just the way you want it.
And always to the highest standard.

From stills – including 3D CGI creation
– to video – including TV commercials.

We support our imaging with our proprietary SAM2 production software for workflow and product management, ensuring we get from your imagination to your image as quickly,
smoothly and efficiently as possible.